Handmade Unique Natural stone bracelets

The bracelets are handmade by us, with special attention and love. Semi-precious stones are used in combination with Preciosa beads, seed beads, stainless steel beads and charms etc.


TRENDY and beautiful looking
Our bracelets can be used for day and evening outings. Bracelets are fashionable and complement your look.
You can choose one bracelet or combine two or three according to the color and semi-precious stones, to have a beautiful look.



If you want to have a unique bracelet that no one else has, every piece of our bracelets are unique as a model without repeating their production.

The bracelets are perfect as a gift for your loved ones. Choose unique gifts for the important people in your life that will make their holidays a little more festive. You can choose a bracelet according to the color or the semi-precious stone (for each bracelet in the DESCRIPTION you can read about the meaning of the semi-precious stones from which it is made)








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