Silver jewelry can be worn every day, you can freely bathe with it, which makes the silver even more shiny. It is recommended that jewelry not be sprayed with perfume.
If the silver jewelry has zircons that are glued, then you should not take a bath with that jewelry, because some zircon can peel off, so it is recommended to always take it out when you come in contact with water.
If you do not use silver jewelry, you should keep it in a jewelry box to protect it.
If you do not use silver jewelry can darken a little, but this is not a problem, because it is easy to clean with a soft cloth and shines again like new.

Silver jewelry with Swarovski® crystals should be stored in a jewelry box or bag when you aren’t using it , cleaned with a soft cloth, taking care not to scratch or drop the crystal on the floor and break it.

Swarovski crystal earrings, bracelets and necklaces are perfect for dazzling on a pleasant night out, but, as a rule, you should leave the jewelry until the last thing when you are ready. This is because the chemicals in your makeup, hairspray, body lotions and perfumes can damage the thin, delicate metallic coating in your jewelry, leaving it vulnerable to weakness and discoloration.

Make sure you remove your necklaces before going swimming, showering, taking a bath or washing your hands. Swimming pools and hot tubs contain chlorine, which can weaken and damage the delicate plating on your crystals and diminish their beautiful lustre. Likewise, the soaps and perfumed body care products commonly used in showering, bathing and hand washing can also cause irreversible damage to your jewelry.

When we take good care of amber, its natural beauty and quality will last for years. Amber is a relatively soft and fragile organic semi-precious stone.
One of the first things you need to know to care for amber is regular cleaning and polishing. This will keep it naturally shiny and glowing. The amber is cleaned with a soft cloth soaked in a little water (not hot). It is then left to dry and you can use a drop or two of natural olive oil to give it a nice glow.
Do not use detergents or harsh chemicals.
Always apply perfumes, hairspray, deodorants before applying amber. Store amber jewelry in a jewelry box or soft bag, away from any other jewelry that may scratch it. Do not wear amber during strenuous activities such as yard work, sports, etc., as well as for cooking, cleaning and laundry.
Avoid wearing a necklace in the shower or swimming. Frequent wetting and drying can weaken the thread of jewelry.
Amber should not be left in the sun for long periods of time or exposed to high temperatures. Some people argue that amber needs to be refilled by the sun, but this is not true and actually removes moisture from the amber, making it brittle.