We guarantee the quality, the accuracy and truthfulness of description of the products that we have exhibited on our web store. We guarantee that all jewelry in our web store is made of material as written in the description under each product. The amber jewelry is made of 100% natural Baltic amber, the silver jewelry is made of 925 silver, the silver jewelry with Swarovski® crystals is made of 925 silver and original Austrian crystals of Swarovski® … With each ordered piece of jewelry with Swarovski® crystals or natural Baltic amber and you get a certificate of authenticity. You get each ordered piece of jewelry packed in bags or jewelry boxes that are free and ideal for a gift to your loved ones.

If some product is currently sold on the web store it will be displayed as sold, and if you are interested in that product and its re-availability in stock and pre-order, you can contact us at our email:  and  we’ll tell you if we’ll have it available in stock soon.

Once we get the product back in stock, we will notify you by email and then you can place your order and have the product you want.

All product prices on our web store include taxes.

The company reserves the right to freely change the terms of use of the online store, product prices, method of delivery, etc.

Ordering products on our web store is simple and easy by adding the desired product to the cart and you can order as a registered or unregistered customer by filling in the details and your address and paying for the order with the method that suits you best.

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