Choosing the Right Ring Size

We have 2 methods for finding your ring size.

The first method is if you do not currently have a ring at home that suits you.

The second method is if you have a ring that is right for you, but you do not know the size.

Method 1

Cut a thin strip of paper or thread, wrap it around your finger, mark the spot where the paper or thread meets. After measure the lenght of the tread with your ruler to see how much mm will be.

Method 2

Take your own ring who u have it already. Using a ruler or metro for measuring, measure the diameter of the ring in the middle of the ring (measure only the inside of the ring, not the metal) in mm.

Choosing the Right Necklace Length

Finding the right necklace with the appropriate length is important so that it complements you suitably. You have to take note that the right length of necklace for women usually depends on their overall build, shape of the face and the attires to be worn.

It is important to look great with the jewelry you wear.

Look at the picture below and choose the size of your necklace. The lengths of the necklaces in cm are shown on the left, and in inches on the right.