Jewelry made of 100% natural Baltic amber

The most valued and rarest, with the highest quality is the Natural Baltic amber. Amber jewelry will always be in fashion and appreciated, thanks to its unique appearance and rarity, its properties and inspiring designs. It makes those who wear amber jewelry feel special wherever they are. The magic of amber comes in every combination, fashion, style and color and gives an amazing and modern look.

For natural Baltic amber and amber properties

Amber is a fossil resin from prehistoric trees and a remnant of life forms such as plants, insects and etc., that were buried underground or under water 50 million years ago, primarily in Scandinavia and around the Baltic Sea. Amber properties are extremely useful for people around the world. Amber contains amber (succinic) acid 3-8% which is of organic origin and participates in many metabolic processes and has a beneficial effect on the whole organism.
This semi-precious stone is practically a natural analgesic, and has anti-inflammatory action, and has electrostatic properties. The unusual power of amber is to donate negative ions that affect the strengthening of immunity and reduce pain. Amber activates healing processes and provides protection from harmful radiation. It has a great impact on adults and children. For babies, amber jewelry helps teeth to sprout easily, removing high fever, sore and swollen gums, redness, etc. Amber arouses optimism because it absorbs pain and negative energy, relieves stress, strengthens immunity and memory.

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