About natural Baltic amber and healing properties of amber

Amber is organic gemstone, It’s fossilized tree resin. That means it used to be part of a tree’s immune system—potentially the secret to amber’s healing properties.Amber is dating back around 40-60 million years ago. This dating of origin is evident only for the amber found in the Baltic region. The Baltic region has the highest purity levels of amber.

The Healing Properties of Amber
Amber has long been considered a pain-reliever. It’s used for toothache, gallbladder problems, rheumatism, and most commonly, stomachache. It’s thought to absorb pain. It transforms negative energy into positive.
It can stop self-destructive thoughts; soothe worries, sorrow and anger; and free your mind from stress. It keeps you focused on the present moment.
Amber brings clarity to the mind and enables you to realize the true value of your time and energy.
Amber is often used for creativity and self-expression, it enhances confidence too and motivation.
Amber also prevents depressive thoughts and feelings. Its warm and sunny disposition bring to people a happy and fulfilled life.
Amber also bringing good luck. Also amber is boosting immunity, balancing emotions, eliminate fear, negativity, developing patience and wisdom.

A characteristic of the Baltic amber, is succinic acid content.
Baltic Amber contains between 3-8% of organic succinic acid ( Amber acid). And when the oil is absorbed into the skin, by using the amber , the succinic acid gets to work inside the body. Succinic acid is natural anti-inflammatory agent. Also succinic acid can help to make smaller all sorts of pain caused by inflammation—including arthritis, aching muscles and joint pains too.
Amber stones possess an electromagnetic quality; this means that the stone can build up an electromagnetic charge.
Many people use amber to stimulate metabolism which can help towards any metabolic issues.
It’s also a treatment used against allergies, especially focusing on respiratory based problems.

Amber can be use too from people with depression. The stone’s natural energies can help to stabilize your emotions and act as a constant reminder of why your life is precious.

Many people have often associated amber with the accumulation of wealth. Known as the stone of manifestation, it’s a powerful stone that can help you to manifest an increase in your income flow or other forms of wealth.
It’s important to remember that you can receive wealth in all forms, not just monetary. This stone will also help you to use your talents and particular gifts to bring an abundance of wealth into your life.
Many also consider amber to promote good luck and success. It removes all fears and will give you the necessary courage to take a new step forward and take calculated challenges leaving you rewarded.
A lot of the positive influence brought on by amber works towards keeping you calmer and more tolerant.
As a love stone, golden-orange Amber is a symbol of beauty and tenderness, a good-luck talisman for increasing natural radiance and attracting lasting love. It may be used to call in a twin soul, or for protection against negative outside influences and interference.

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